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We specialize in transforming apartments and condos with over 1200 successful renovations to our name in our area. We understand the urgency of getting your units market-ready swiftly, and that’s precisely what we excel at. Our extensive experience ensures a quick turnaround without compromising on quality. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results at a great price, making us the top choice for your renovation needs. 

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“As a Property and Project Manager, overseeing 7 family owned residential apartment buildings in Los Angeles, we had successfully completed more than 100 projects together and Sam and his team are always professional, responsive and do an outstanding job.

The kitchen and bathroom cabinets his company has installed in our apartment communities have held up wonderfully.

Glendale is a family owned business and Sam and his teams are easy to communicate with, he returns calls, shows up at job sites as needed and his workers are professional and respectful.

On a personal level, Sam is honest, cares about his reputation and is a true gentleman.

For price, service and quality, I have found Sam and Glendale Tiles and Tops to be one of the BEST vendors I have ever worked with and would highly recommend them.”

Features of Renovated Properties

Property owners must give careful consideration to what features residents value. Glendale Tiles & Tops will work closely with the property owners to determine what renovations would blend well with the neighborhood style.

Desirable renovated properties offer high-demand, luxury features. You’ll often find more upscale floor coverings like wood-style flooring, plush carpeting, and ceramic tile. Stainless steel appliances and stone countertops often grace the kitchens of renovated luxury apartments. LED light fixtures add crisp, clean light while saving energy.

Renovation is a Win-Win

In desirable urban markets, residents frequently rate location high on their list of priorities. For an owner/developer, a major renovation is an excellent solution for dated properties in ideal locations. In this scenario, a successful renovation is a win-win for owners and tenants alike.

A successful renovation often delivers a cleaner, more luxurious look and feel. The right finishes and fixtures make unwinding at the end of the day that much more relaxing. There are many reasons why renters prefer quality renovations. They might seek a more open, spacious feeling, as well as amenities generally unavailable in older housing, such as fitness centers, pools, high-speed internet, and upgraded common areas. An updated kitchen is of particular importance to those who love to spend time cooking and baking. Renovated living spaces are also popular with those who entertain family and friends from time-to-time, and onsite amenities enhance an active lifestyle.

Timing of Renovations

Owners and developers of multi-family housing must time their renovations with care. At some point, prospective renters consistently bypass worn and dated options in favor of renovated ones. There’s also the practical problem of the escalating cost of repairs.

With renovations, it’s important to avoid missteps. For example, quartz countertops might be a perfect upgrade in one setting and out of place in another. Sometimes, the age or the layout of the building makes a complete renovation cost-prohibitive.

Prospective renters are perceptive and they can detect the difference between professional and cut-rate renovations. The latter may deliver short-term savings but drive up turnover and vacancies over time. Successful renovations, on the other hand, keep tenants satisfied

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